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Planetary Science Misconduct

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We have been asked several times to assess and detail our experience with the Meteoritical Society and here is our assessment.

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August 2014. Identified Dr. Tim McCoy in the Ehlmann entry.

    List of scientists who have committed scientific misconduct and fraud by falsification and fabrication in planetary science on the BCC Meteorites project. Including but not limited to their direct or indirect involvement with BCC Meteorites.  This list includes scientists funded by including but not limited to NASA and the NSF. Updated list will  include past and new information and scientists.  Detailed information will be provided including raw data (fraud) and other relevant information where available.  Please note that some of these fraudulent scientists also receive funding from certain corporations such as military defense contractors, subcontractors and energy related companies and the scientific misconduct is both broad and widespread and supported by their hosting Institutions.  Many of these scientist's misconduct can also be traced  to racism, other forms and multi-tiers of discriminatory conduct.

Famous Quotations

"Ray, Dr. Cloos is using the chemistry department trying to shut us down. They are calling our customers and harassing them in an effort to diminish our customer base. He is very upset we are working on the planetary science project with you and apparently wants us to quit the project".

Bernard Squires, AMIA Labs 1999.

Name  Institution Position Date of First
Documented Offense
Dr. Mark Cloos
UT Austin Dean
Dr. Cloos engaged in a pattern of scientific fraud while working on BCC9601 a newly discovered lunar meteorite and other meteorite samples deposited in his lab. He coordinated his efforts with other scientists from UCLA and  the University of Houston to further his scheme intentionally misidentifying our samples. Dr. Cloos attempted to steal meteorite samples out of his lab and when that failed he resorted to telling the public and colleagues our samples were not authentic in order to punish whistle blowers. In 2005 we received an email from the UT conference room with a sample similar to BCC960 shown at the bottom of this page.
1998 No
Bill Woods UT Austin Personal Assistant to UT Austin Dean.
Assisted Dr. Cloos in covering up and furthering his scheme. Assisted in manipulating the news media on behalf of Dr. Cloos to further this fraudulent behavior
1999 No(3)
Dr. James Underwood UT Austin Professor Emeritus Instructor-Retired (Providing support by concealing information) . 1998 No(3)
Dr. Archibald Reid
University of Houston, TX Instructor. Dr. Reid was very interested in BCC Meteorites and our lab work but was withdraw from the project by Dr. Cloos which resulted in supporting Dr. Cloos' scheme of fraud and misconduct. Assisted Dr. Cloos in furthering his scheme of fraud. 1999 No(3)
Dr. Arthur Ehlmann
Texas Christian University, TX Curator of Monnig Meteorite Gallery and Museum. Dr. Ehlmann engaged in efforts to undermine BCC Meteorites and lied to the TCU Dean and administration about those efforts. Attempted to steer BCC Meteorites to the Smithsonian Institution where he had prearranged for a colleague (Tim McCoy) to receive the samples in a scheme to misidentify them to conceal his misconduct and assist Dr. Cloos. Ehlmann concocted, coordinated and participated in the Ferguson affair, an elaborate attempt to discredit BCC Meteorites using a bait and switch tactic with fake and real samples.
1999 No(3)
Dr. Everett K. Gibson
NASA-Johnson Space Center, TX Planetary Scientist.
Dr. Gibson concocted a scheme to blatantly lie to a Federal Magistrate about the authenticity of BCC9601 a lunar meteorite, in an effort to assist Dr. Mark Cloos and at the direction of NASA administrative personnel at NASA HQ. Dr. Gibson is a taxpayer funded liar and a fraud.
2000 No (2)(3)
Dr. Alan Rubin
UCLA, CA Crystal Chemistry Specialist ?
Dr. Rubin a geochemist was given the task by Wasson and Warren of UCLA, of misrepresenting the chemical composition of a new lunar meteorite in order to assist Dr. Mark Cloos in a scheme of fraud and misconduct. Dr. Rubin refused to name a water bearing mineral he claimed to be found in sample BCC9601, because he knew the bulk composition which cured at over 1550 degrees C could NOT have sustained water bearing minerals. He committed fraud to assist Dr. Cloos.
2000 No(3)
Dr. Paul Warren
UCLA , CA Planetary Scientist?
Assisted Dr. Cloos at UT Austin and was instrumental in the commission of fraud by Dr. Alan Rubin.
2000 No(3)
Dr. John Wasson
UCLA , CA Planetary Scientist?
Assisted Dr. Cloos at UT Austin and was instrumental in the commission of fraud by Dr. Alan Rubin.
2000 No(3)
Dr. Randy Korotev

Washington University St. Louis,
Planetary (Lunar) Specialist.
What can we say? Dr. Korotev was a late comer in this controversy and employed numerous methods and tactics common in the commission of fraud. He was caught altering and deleting relevant information in the scientific record on Wikipedia to further his ambitions and standing having gatekeeper status. Constructed entire fake "scientific papers" in support of fraud and misconduct.  Sought to use his position as a taxpayer  paid scientist to  advance scientific misconduct and fraud. Here is an example of fraudulent work which was accepted for posting on SCIFRAUD to alert scientists around the world about his fraudulent activities.
2002 Yes (1)
Dr. Ernst Zinner
Washington University St. Louis,
Presolar Grain Specialist-? Dr. Zinner like many scientists ( Tom van Flandern to name another) received our stellar grain samples under the guise of research and delayed his responses in order to 2000 No
Dr. Merlynd Nestell
UT Arlington, TX Geology.
In an effort to further a scheme of fraud and misconduct by Dr. Cloos at UT Austin, Dr. Nestell used his unique position as an academic to harass and abuse BCC Meteorites personnel in the commission of their work while in the lab. Dr. Nestell engaged in this activity in an effort to further science fraud and misconduct and at the behest of Dr. Mark Cloos from UT Austin.
2002 No (3)
Dr. John S. Wickham UT Arlington , TX Chair Geology Dept.
In a newspaper article this fraudulent scientist called whistle blowers "trouble makers", for disclosing scientific misconduct and fraud by his employee,  Merlynd Nestell.
2002 No (3)



SHODOR-CSERD Is an non-profit (wink-wink) educational organization packed with greedy racist and fraudulent individuals. Principally R. M. Panoff its original  founder. Dr. Panoff wrote a fake report about BCC Meteorites regarding the validity of our work results and hid it in the Clemson University servers. All designed to assist in the furtherance of scientific misconduct and fraud.  When asked to produce his lab data to validate his claims Dr. Panoff could produce no work or lab data. In fact felt no need to respond to our inquiries about his claims until he discovered the Department of Justice had him in their sights. Then he quickly responded and began to scramble looking for a way to wiggle out of his racist fraudulent scheme.

(1) Dr. Randy Korotev has been behind a well coordinated effort to censor BCC Meteorites and sent us an apology for engaging in scientific misconduct by falsification and fabrication including his tampering with our WIKIPEDIA entries. Dr. Korotev attempted to advance an agenda of scientific misconduct set in motion by the greedy racist fraudulent Dr. Mark Cloos of UT Austin but was caught. We accept his apology but not enough has been done by Washington University to remove him from the list.
(2) Dr. Everett K. Gibson committed perjury in a legal proceeding and willfully and intentionally provided false information to a Federal Magistrate.
(3) Was an active participant in assisting Dr. Mark Cloos in advancing an agenda of scientific misconduct, greed, fraud and discrimination using science and the academic arena as an operational nerve center.

Cell phone message and photo which originated from the UT Geology Dept conference room.

On June 30, 2005 BCC Meteorites received a text message from the UT Geology Dept conference room with the caption "Check it out we have one too." A photo of the meteorite sample below (similar to BCC9601) was included in the text message. And below that is the source data. I personally picked that sample up several times and threw it back in the creek.  My thinking was if UT engaged in fraud to misidentify one sample why give them an opportunity to broaden their handiwork. To believe one lunar sample was found,  two three or more is going to push them beyond their intellectual limits and incubate a new round of scientific fraud and misconduct. Of course, now I wish I had not throw it back in the creek. BCC9601 is about 2.5 to 3  times larger than the lunar sample below.  I hope they find a hundred more.

Source data from cell phone message which originated at the UT Geology Dept.

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Check it out we have one too.
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