There are a lot of benefits you can get with artificial grass. They last long, are extremely soft, and very vibrant. Aside from that, they also require little-to-no maintenance. Though you do not have to worry about reseeding, mowing, or watering, there are a couple of things you still have to do to maintain your artificial grass. This will help you preserve its appearance and texture for many years to come.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to maintain your artificial grass installed by professional artificial grass installers


When professionals install artificial grass, they will suggest that you should also install a weed membrane under the lawn. This will help stop weeds from growing and ruining the aesthetic of your artificial grass. However, it also provides another purpose.  

Keep in mind that weeds are invasive. They’ll compete with other plants for nutrients. Unfortunately, weeds always win. Thus, aside from looking unappealing, they can affect all your landscaping efforts as well. Because of this, it’s ideal to install a weed membrane in your landscape to prevent these things from happening.  

Heat Sources 

Whenever you’ve got artificial grass in your lawn, you should also be wary of the heat sources that can damage it. Several brands of artificial grass are fire-resistant. However, it does not mean it’s recommended or safe to place a fire pit or a grill on top of it. Of course, you can still enjoy an outdoor BBQ if you place the grill on top of a decked or paved area.  

As mentioned above, several brands of artificial grass are fire-resistant. They won’t ignite. Unfortunately, they can still melt under the heat of the sun. When they melt, the tips of the blades can stick to each other. This can damage the aesthetics of your grass. Even cigarette butts can damage the grass. Because of this, you should properly throw the cigarette once you’re done smoking.  

Moving Furniture 

Keep in mind that heavy pieces of furniture can cause your artificial grass to flatten. Because of this, professionals recommend that you periodically move items such as chairs, tables, playhouses, paddling pools, and more to enable your lawn to evenly wear.  

If you’re moving the furniture, make sure you lift the pile as well. This helps you rejuvenate the look of artificial grass. Professionals also recommend that you place pads under the foot of the furniture for additional protection.  

Lifting the Pile 

Once you install the artificial grass, you want to ensure the blades are facing upright. Use can use a garden vacuum, leaf blower, power brush, or stiff brush to brush it against the grain. It’s a wise move to regularly lift the pile. Professionals recommend you do this every month.  

If you use your artificial grass more often, the chances of it flattening over time increases. This is particularly true during the summer months. Because of this, you will have to lift the pile more often during periods of increased use. You might have to lift the pile once a week or twice a month.